Scott S.

I had just moved to Chicago after being with my previous chiropractor for over ten years. At the time, I was concerned I wouldn’t find a doctor that would give me the level of care I was used to. Not only did I want a chiropractor that would spot and fix all the areas that needed adjusting, I wanted a doctor who would care about me as a person, not just a patient. I feel like I found that with Dr. Ria. I found her online at an activator chiropractor portal and she had good reviews. Plus, she was easily accessible from the Belmont Brown/Red line, so I made an appointment.

I was having splitting headaches and terrible back aches when I scheduled my first appointment. Dr. Ria was great with working with my schedule and finding a time I could quickly come in. During the appointment she was great with making me feel comfortable. I had previous experience with chiropractic care, so I didn’t have as many questions as someone new to the experience. However, I feel like if I would have had questions, it would have be easy to ask them. After my adjustment she gave me clear instructions on what I should do within the next day. She then actually called me that night to see how I was doing, which made me feel like she really was concerned about my well being. When I came in for my second appointment she knew me by name and what she worked on during the last appointment. Then after only a few sessions my headaches and back pain were gone, my quality of life improved greatly after visiting Dr. Ria.

If you’re new to chiropractic care or in search of a new chiropractor, I would highly recommend Dr. Ria. 

Dr. J.R.

When I first came to see Dr. Ria Tjiong I was suffering from chronic low back pain. I had been dealing with it for almost a year until it became too painful to ignore. Despite the large number of chiropractors in the city of Chicago, very few are Advanced Proficiency Rated utilizing the Activator. It made my search for a suitable chiropractor very difficult. By the time I found Dr. Tjiong I was in serious need of treatment to relieve my symptoms. I was so pleased when I called her office and I was able to be scheduled for an appointment the same day. She performed several studies at my first visit to fully assess my back and body so the proper adjustments could be made right away. After my first adjustment, we came up with a treatment plan to get my back rehabilitated. At every visit, she would ask about my symptoms and was able to target the adjustments to relieve my pain.

In addition to adjusting my back, Dr. Tjiong was helpful in suggesting ways I could modify my lifestyle to aid my recovery and to prevent further problems down the road. I really appreciated her holisitic approach to back health, including exercises and stretches to strengthen my back, and counseling on proper ergonomics in the workplace and home. Over the past year my back pain has improved dramatically making my daily activities more manageable

While I am very pleased with my results, I am even more appreciative of the genuine care and concern Dr. Tjiong has shown for my health. On more than one occasion I have experienced acute back pain, and every time Dr. Tjiong has been able to fit me into her schedule. It gives me peace of mind to know that my chiropractor is available to me in more urgent situations. I am so happy that I have found Dr. Tjiong to care for my back and recommend her to anyone in need of chiropractic care.

Jen F.

My boyfriend introduced me to Ria and she introduced me to me to the Activator.  I had been to a chiropractor before, but never one that used this.  It is a fantastic and (mostly) painless tool that seems to shift everything back into place.  I originally went in for low back pain, but that was fixed relatively quickly and now I see Ria regularly for maintenance.  I carry a lot of stress in my upper back and shoulders and the regular maintenance helps tremendously.  I also have sinus issues and the Activator releases much of the sinus pressure and allows me to breathe better.  Ria is fantastic and just wants everyone to feel better!

Matt D.

Dr. Ria Tjiong is a highly capable chiropractor, and I have enjoyed being her patient for almost one year as of this writing. Dr. Ria is an attentive, hard-working, Advanced Proficiency Rated Activator. Her commitment to patients, razor-sharp focus, and congeniality set her apart from other chiropractors. As a patient of Dr. Ria’s, I do not feel as if I’m merely a number, as is the case in many medical practices; on the contrary, Dr. Ria devotes significant time to each of her patients and goes the extra mile by following up and checking in with them after visits. She routinely makes herself available to patients when they have questions or concerns--even after traditional business hours--and her responsiveness and candor is one of a kind. In addition to improving my neck and back pain, Dr. Ria has invested in my holistic health and well-being (e.g., by teaching me how to improve posture, encouraging me to measure my running gait, and recommending specific pillows to lessen muscle strain), and has thus enabled me to achieve a higher quality of life. I highly recommend Dr. Ria to anyone seeking chiropractic care in Chicagoland and beyond.

Grace B.

My reason for beginning treatment with Dr. Ria was two fold. I had been experiencing pain in my hip and lower back for over three years. Not only am I an active person, enjoying running and biking, but I'm also a RN and spend all day on my feet. I had seen a different chiropractor, in the past, who did not use the activator method and the treatment actually made my pain worse. I was reluctant to give the chiropractor another try for my pain, however, my husband and I have been struggling with infertility and learned that chiropractic work is an alternative method of treatment. I also learned about the activator method and was referred to Dr. Ria. Since seeing Dr. Ria, I have been able to enjoy activities without pain and my menstrual cycle is becoming more normal. Dr. Ria takes a very personal approach with her clients and has been sensitive to my needs throughout the treatment process. I truly appreciate all she has done for me and give her my highest recommendation.

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